The mission of the Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust is to preserve and protect ecologically sensitive sites at Cove Point and Southern Maryland through land conservation, scientific research, and environmental education.

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Hellen Creek Forest and Wildlife Preserve Nature Walk
October 28, 2017
10:00 a.m. to noon 

Bring your cameras and enjoy the colors. Our mix of deciduous and conifers makes autumn a special time to visit the Preserve. We will be looking for woodpeckers and early fall migrants like the golden-crowned kinglet. Dress for the weather.

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Deer Hunting Season at Hellen Creek Forest and Wildlife Preserve

You may have noticed some blue strips painted on trees along Hilltop Road and Clifton Drive. Those of you who hunt should recognize the marking and their meanings, but not everyone is aware of what they indicate. Basically the lines demark private property and are in essence a “No Trespassing” sign. Two signs are actually posted on the Hilltop parcel where we had the old house removed.

The primary reason for marking the property is safety. Deer season runs for a large part of the fall and winter. Bow and arrow, crossbow, black powder, and firearm seasons come and go in succession. We do have hunting at the Hellen Creek Preserve during these seasons. News of coyote in the area may seem like a deterrent, but they can only take down small deer. Other than these newcomers deer have no natural enemy except humans. Because of this the deer population is constantly growing and the lack of understory on our Preserve is due primarily to them. Anytime you are walking outside and plan on going near the woods or in the woods, orange is a great color to wear. This alerts hunters that you are in the area and that you are not game.

Posting the property makes it easier for those who hunt on the property to be secure and safe during their hunt. It also informs the public that this area is private land and you do need permission to enter.

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